One glance tells you if you are inspection ready

Save time and energy by centralizing QC data and streamlining workflows. Our unified dashboard allows department leaders to assess inspection readiness and QC compliance across departments in one place.

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Failed inspections hurt departments

Failed inspections open you up to liability and the potential loss of reimbursement. ZapIT gives you insight into exactly what inspectors will find when they arrive, keeping you inspection ready, all the time.

  • Protect your department with confidence by knowing that machines are kept to high standards
  • Cut down on time spent prepping for inspections.
  • Maintain the highest possible quality of care.
Save Time

Automating processes and making data accessible saves time

Auto analysis of images saves techs time in radiology and radiation oncology, and standardizes the QC process, bringing to light potential errors.

  • Techs are alerted when images have been analyzed.
  • Busy departments are notified to run missed scans, so nothing is overlooked.
  • Results out of tolerance are flagged immediately, fostering communication and rapid resolution.
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Process standardization

Simplify workflows and reduce staff burden through automation

Radiology and radiation oncology departments are chronically understaffed, and techs are being called on to do increasingly more.

  • Minimize the time needed to perform QA testing.
  • Organize data into easy-to-read reports, delivered automatically.
  • Receive meaningful, trustworthy data about your department’s quality.
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Case Study

Learn more about how we’ve helped other institutions

ZapIT has been implemented in more than 50 hospitals across the country. Learn more about the outcomes of implementation in other institutions.

Emory Healthcare

Read how ZapIT increased daily QC compliance from 86% to 97.5% in three months.

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Data Management in Healthcare

This month we sat down with Chris Mitchell, Network Radiation Safety Officer at Kettering Health to talk about workflow and data management in radiology and radiation oncology.

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In the near future, Enzee’s platform will provide the same features from radiology and radiation oncology to the entire hospital equipment QA program and also connect to existing compliance and test tracking apps, providing a holistic picture of a facility’s compliance and quality across personnel and departments.