We Believe Patients Should Expect More Than Safety

The Enzee team is united around the belief that quality is critical in healthcare. Safety is the absolute minimum and an expectation we think every patient should have, but we know we can do better. Patients deserve to know they’re getting the very best patient care possible, and that the institutions treating them go beyond simply being “safe” and strive to deliver excellent quality as well.

Our company thrives on this shared belief. We are excited about delivering a product that is changing the way providers and patients think about their quality of care. Our shared pursuit of this objective instills the office with a kind of contagious energy that makes us excited to come to work each day. The smiles in these photos aren’t just for show; we genuinely love our jobs and our team.

In healthcare, automating and standardizing the way things are measured on a daily basis results in more reliable data, and ultimately, better patient care. 

Bryon Murray
CEO, Founder of Enzee
OUR Team

Meet the Enzee Team

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Bryon Murray
CEO, Founder
Andrea Cunningham
Director of Customer Success
Eric Doty
National Sales Executive
Chad Young
Senior Developer
Andy Blubaugh
Senior Developer
Anthony Zabonik
Senior Developer
Chandler Maguire
Johnie Lambert
Sales and Operations Associate
Trent Weber
Implementation Specialist
Tina Scott
Scrum Master

Where we’ve been, where we’re going

We began as ZapIT!, focused on improving quality in radiology and radiation oncology. Founder Bryon Murray started his career as a radiation physicist, and that experience led him to realize that the solution he’d developed for those departments had powerful implications across the entire healthcare organization. That was where the name Enzee came from. Originally spelled “Enzi,” the name means “powerful” in Swahili. We believe there is great power in Enzee’s solution, and that implementing it will empower providers, institutions, and patients too.

We have raised $1.75MM so far, and our technology is being adopted widely within radiology and radiation oncology segments. By the end of next year, our plans are to expand further, offering solutions to other departments in the hospital system, revolutionizing the way quality is measured and tracked within healthcare organizations.




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In the near future, Enzee’s platform will provide the same features from radiology and radiation oncology to the entire hospital equipment QA program and also connect to existing compliance and test tracking apps, providing a holistic picture of a facility’s compliance and quality across personnel and departments.