Compliance is the first step in ensuring quality healthcare

Being inspection ready is always a goal, and ZapIT QA ensures your health system is always ready by providing accurate data. Having consistent access to reliable data translates to high-quality patient care, and that’s the real goal.

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Failed inspections cost time and money

Enzee’s product, ZapIT QA makes it easy to complete required testing, maintain compliance with regulations, and ensure inspection-readiness at any point in time. The dashboard helps you understand if your facility is ready, lets you see trends and helps ensure you’re offering the highest standard of care.

  • Eliminate problems caused by paper record keeping.
  • Save personnel time.
  • Build communication between departments and facilities.

How much do you spend on regulatory compliance annually?

An average hospital with 161 beds devotes 59 full-time employees and spends $7.6 million annually to support compliance activities (according to the AHA Regulatory Overload report).

  • Streamline processes of regular compliance testing.
  • Return clinicians to their key focus: patient care.
  • Save time and money while ensuring inspection readiness.
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Risk Management

Eliminating uncertainties increases data reliability

Automating QC tests grants administrators and executives peace of mind, knowing that the data that ultimately informs patient care is the very best it can be.

  • Auto-analysis eliminates variability within QC test results.
  • Real-time notifications alert personnel when test data is missing or out of tolerance.
  • Cloud-based storage allows for easy access across departments for inspection.

Hear from other providers who have used our software

“Since implementing ZapIT, the improvements to our program have been numerous - compliance has jumped from near 70% to near 98% and climbing.”
Dan Januseski, M.S., DABR®
Director Department of Diagnostic Medical Physics, Virtua Hospital System
“Within months of implementing ZapIT, our median compliance increased from 89% to 97.5% and still climbing!”
Rebecca Neill
MSC Emory University Hospitals
“ZapIT was a huge help in getting our QC program more organized with having the data in one central location.”
Phil Ross
Manager Radiation Oncology, Mercy Health, Toledo
“Having this tool made the state inspection go very smoothly and [made it] much less time consuming.”
Phil Ross
Manager Radiation Oncology, Mercy Health, Toledo
“Data review now takes place weekly instead of only a few times a year, and issues resulting from test failures are reported instantly. State inspectors love to view our results on-screen, and we have had 100% clean inspections!”
Dan Januseski, M.S., DABR®
Director Department of Diagnostic Medical Physics, Virtua Hospital System

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In the near future, Enzee’s platform will provide the same features from radiology and radiation oncology to the entire hospital equipment QA program and also connect to existing compliance and test tracking apps, providing a holistic picture of a facility’s compliance and quality across personnel and departments.