Will Your CMS Reimbursements for CT Scans be Affected by Upcoming Changes?

The answer could be yes unless you’ve implemented a dose and image quality monitoring system for CT scans before new CMS requirements take effect.

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Quality Equals Patient Safety

Ongoing quality assurance of CT equipment is critical to optimizing patient care and meeting reimbursement requirements.Dose management and image quality are inextricably linked. BOTH are critical:

Image Quality
Ensures each CT scanner offers clear diagnostic imaging at a safe and effective radiation dose.

Poor image quality = rescans required, resulting in cumulative dosages that could be unsafe.
Dose Management
Ensures each CT scanner gets the best image possible at the lowest radiation dose required.

Too low a dose = inadequate scans and can result in additional scans required.

Protect Your Reimbursements and Your Patients

Integrating an automated quality assurance system removes questions around dosage and image quality and ensures CT departments are audit-ready at all times.

Is Your Hospital Prepared for the New Requirements?

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Can your techs check dose and quality in one dashboard to ensure CT scanners meet requirements? *

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