Use Case

Emory Healthcare

A large multi-site health system with 25 scanners across 13 outpatient and inpatient locations, Emory implemented the ZapIT cloud-based data management tool in an effort to improve daily QC compliance, increase efficiencies in error reporting and maintenance for machines, and digitize data recording and review processes.

Prior to implementation:
  • Emory used paper-based QC logs, which were reviewed by a physicist.
  • An audit showed documented daily QC to be 100%, but median actual compliance was 89%.
  • Quarterly review by the physicist led to delays as high as three months in recognizing aberrant results.
  • In one case, a failed test went unnoticed for one month.

High-quality care is ensured through QC data centralization

Emory is a world-class healthcare institution, and like many others, they relied on paper documentation for radiology QC. Through implementation of ZapIT, Enzee’s cloud-based electronic data management platform, Emory hoped to improve daily compliance and catch errors more quickly, reducing machine downtime and improving patient care.


ZapIT led to significant improvements in quality

Data reliability was improved and critical efficiencies were gained in managing accreditation requirements and QC documentation.

  • Daily QC compliance increased from 89% to 97%.
  • Internal and external audit time decreased with use of the online dashboard to view data.
  • Reliability of QC compliance improved without adding personnel.
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median compliance before use
median compliance after use

Hear from other providers who have used our software

“Since implementing ZapIT, the improvements to our program have been numerous - compliance has jumped from near 70% to near 98% and climbing.”
Dan Januseski, M.S., DABR®
Director Department of Diagnostic Medical Physics, Virtua Hospital System
“Within months of implementing ZapIT, our median compliance increased from 89% to 97.5% and still climbing!”
Rebecca Neill
MSC Emory University Hospitals
“ZapIT was a huge help in getting our QC program more organized with having the data in one central location.”
Phil Ross
Manager Radiation Oncology, Mercy Health, Toledo
“Having this tool made the state inspection go very smoothly and [made it] much less time consuming.”
Phil Ross
Manager Radiation Oncology, Mercy Health, Toledo
“Data review now takes place weekly instead of only a few times a year, and issues resulting from test failures are reported instantly. State inspectors love to view our results on-screen, and we have had 100% clean inspections!”
Dan Januseski, M.S., DABR®
Director Department of Diagnostic Medical Physics, Virtua Hospital System

Find out how ZapIT drives implementation compliance, reduces downtime for machines, and makes inspections easier.

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